Cape Crawford, at the junction of the Carpentaria and Tablelands Highways, is home to the famous Heartbreak Hotel.

Cape Crawford is situated approximately 120 kilometres from the ocean and is so named because it is situated at the northern extremity or ‘cape’ of the Abner Ranges, first ‘discovered’ in 1880 by drover Lindsay Crawford.

The Abner Ranges are home to an impressive site known as the Lost City covering an area of some eight square kilometres and dotted with towering sandstone formations. These natural pillars conjure up images of skyscrapers, and are well worth a visit.

Surrounded by grasslands, escarpments, waterfalls and waterholes, Cape Crawford is within easy reach of Limmen National Park. The area is home to a stunning array of native wildlife.

Our very affordable helicopter scenic flights also touch down in the Lost City providing access to a 1.5 hour ground tour of the site.

Book your Lost City Heli-Tour at Heartbreak Hotel Reception or call Airborne Solutions 1300 HELI TOUR that’s 1300 435 486.


Lost City Tour



Book your Lost City Tour Heli Tour at the Heartbreak Hotel Reception or


  • 15 Minute Scenic Flight - $155 pp
  • 20 Minute Scenic Flight - $210 pp
  • 30 Minute Scenic Flight - $315 pp
  • Ground Tour + 15 Minute Scenic Flight - $300 pp


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